Traditional B.S.N.

Application Procedure

Students interested in entering the nursing program must first apply to and be accepted by Mississippi College.

Application Deadlines

In order to be considered for continuation in clinical courses in the School of Nursing, students should submit a completed application to the School of Nursing before the following dates.

Enrollment Semester Deadline
Fall February 1
Spring September 1

The Admissions and Progression Committee of the School of Nursing meets after those dates to affirm all academically qualified students for the following semester. Each application is evaluated individually with respect to the individual's potential for academic success in the nursing major. Special consideration is given to the following items:

  • Mississippi College grade point average
  • Total number of hours taken at Mississippi College
  • Cumulative grade point average
  • Last 60 credit hours grade point average
  • Nursing prerequisite courses grade point average
  • ACT/SAT score (if available)
  • Scores on standardized admission test(s) (or equivalent)

Students who are evaluated and did not meet required benchmarks may submit a written request to be considered and re-evaluated with the next semester's students. Academically qualified students are issued a conditional offer pending successful completion of the criteria for acceptable criminal background check, drug screen, health clearance, and other entry requirements essential for entry into clinical placement experiences.